Diabolik Lovers Anthology este prima manga care are la baza jocul Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~. De asemenea, are decât un singur volum.


  • Cap. 1: In The End, There's No Escape
  • Cap. 2: Obstinacy
  • Cap. 3: Reiji's Possession
  • Cap. 4: Sweet, Sweet Pain
  • Cap. 5: Let's Go Back Home
  • Cap. 6: Dizzy
  • Cap. 7: I want...
  • Cap. 8: Nightmare
  • Cap. 9: Sickening Lovers
  • Cap. 10: Lovely Bloody Doll
  • Cap. 11: Captive Girl
  • Cap. 12: The Captured One

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